Ashis Chawla

Ashis ChawlaAshis Chawla, doctor at the Cleveland Clinic
16 years of experience
United States Cleveland
Cleveland Clinic

Dr. Ashis Chawla is a leading specialist in urology, oncological lesions of the kidneys and prostate, as well as non-invasive therapy and minimally invasive methods of surgery, which she accepts at the Canadian Cleveland Clinic. Thanks to his knowledge, extensive practical experience and a special look at the problem and its solution, this doctor is widely known outside of Canada and the United States.

The current level of development of medicine in Canada is a good example of just graduating from a medical university – this is not enough, however, the installation and use of high-tech equipment in diagnostic centers and hospitals is also not enough without a special, responsible, scientific and practical approach to business, possibly with creative and philosophical elements. This is called integrated medicine. And just such principles are adhered to by urologist Ashis Chawla, who works at Cleveland Clinic Canada, as well as a staff urologist at the St. Joseph Health Center in Toronto.

Merit and career:

· Dr. Ashis Chawla earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Ottawa and then MD from the University of Toronto.
· As his main specialization, Chawla chose the direction of urology, in which he works on the research and struggle with the problems of benign and malignant processes of the urogenital sphere of a person, and also develops minimally invasive and non-invasive methods of therapy and surgery.
· Dr. Ashis Chawla is currently also teaching at the University of Toronto.
· He is a full member of the Council at the Royal Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons, and is a special diplomatic representative of the American Council on Urology.
· He is the author of many scientific and practical works, including international ones, a participant in numerous international congresses and conferences, and has won many prizes and awards of national and international class.
· Dr. Ashis Chawla achieved particular success in the field of prostate cancer and kidney cancer, which allows us to build the most promising treatment tactics without resorting to complex and large-scale surgical interventions. Great progress thanks to the efforts of Dr. Chawla is observed today in the field of laparoscopic surgery, as well as endo-urology.

Published: June 18, 2020
Updated: June 18, 2020