Over the counter ed pills


Over the counter ed pills

According to statistics, every second man aged 45 years of age suffers from problems related to sexuality. Malnutrition, bad habits, regular stress and poor ecology are the main causes of erectile dysfunction. Problems with erection affect not only relationships with women, but also the psychological state of a man. Possible impotence inspires uncertainty and horror of the stronger sex. Since the problem is delicate, not everyone turns to an andrologist or a urologist, but they trust in advertising and reviews of close friends about various drugs designed to improve sex life.

Modern medicine and scientific research are not standing still. Today there is a huge amount of funds to increase potency. These are not only classic pills, but also sprays, creams, injections and drops. Most drugs can be purchased at a pharmacy without a prescription from a doctor, but it is worth remembering that self-medication can aggravate the disease. Before you begin treatment, it is important to know the cause of the disease. Now you can buy some over the counter ed pills. To understand the variety of means for improving erection, we have compiled a rating of the best drugs for potency based on the responses of men and the recommendations of physicians.


Preparations for potency – a tribute to fashion or a real need?

The satisfaction of every man with his life depends largely on the quality of intimate relationships. One of the main allotted potency, or erection. In case of a violation of potency in a man of any age, this problem easily transforms from physiological to psychological. Unexpected difficulties in sexual life can be solved by drugs specially developed by pharmaceutical companies to increase potency. They are made in various form factors: tablets, injections, sprays, gels, ointments (for rubbing into the skin) and have healing effects. There are many different tools that can help get rid of this annoying problem. But a reasonable question arises: is it all real? Let us get into this question together.

Over the counter ed pills − myth or reality?

Today, no one will be surprised that more than 100 million men have problems with sex life. The main source of all ills – a violation of the erectile function of the male body. Why does the absence of potency arise? The main role here is assigned to the proper functioning of the blood vessels. During the violation of their tone and these difficulties arise. What influences it?

Causes of Male Impotence

  • various diseases (chronic or congenital);
  • the use of drugs;
  • failure of hormonal balance on the background of stress;
  • harmful lifestyle, namely: smoking and alcohol;
  • directly, psycho-emotional state;
  • overweight;
  • diseases: cardiovascular, diabetes, hypertension;
  • psychological illnesses: neurosis, as well as depression.

For some, this problem goes away with time, while other men should take medicinal substances – over the counter ed pills. The most important thing you should know: erection difficulties are a common phenomenon, and this is not a disease, but only a violation of the functions of the body. As a result – you can always return your masculine power, do not despair! When diagnosing impotence – you need to immediately start treating this ailment.

Generics – a panacea for problems with potency. Group: phosphodiesterase inhibitors

Here we look at the list of basic drugs that give a guaranteed effect, do not bear any damage to the health of men and over the counter ed pills.

The problem of reducing male potency is solved simply, and most importantly, inexpensively, if generic drugs are used to treat it. Such drugs with an unusual name are actually analogues of the original means. They are made with the same active ingredient, so their effectiveness is so high, and side effects are minimized.

What is so special about them that the cost is often several times lower? The answer is simple: generics are made according to brand-name formula, but they do not require expensive clinical trials, because they have already been done before. Due to this, formed a democratic pricing policy.

Generics for the treatment of reduced potency over the counter ed pills in our online pharmacy. On the site they can be purchased without a prescription. All of them:

  • act with the first dose;
  • have no age restrictions (suitable from 18 to 65 years);
  • no serious side effects;
  • not addictive;
  • have positive feedback from loyal customers.

On our site ed pills are presented in the form of tablets, gel, capsules with a soluble shell. You can choose their form based on personal preferences and expectations.

Most often, these medicines are made in pill form and taken orally:

  • “Viagra” is simply a standard developed in the early 90s of the 20th century. It is used immediately before intercourse, the main active ingredient is sildenafil. Causes natural blood flow to the penis. The action applies only to sexual intercourse, which is very convenient. During sexual arousal, after taking medications, the walls of blood vessels relax, which contributes to filling the penis (its cavernous bodies) with blood;
  • Cialis” – a competitor of “Viagra“. A popular drug among those who are not helped by Viagra. This substance is derived by synthetic means, the action of which is very similar to the popular drug Viagra. How does it work? Strengthening blood flow to the penis, stimulates blood circulation, thereby causing a full erection. The duration of the substance is 36 hours from the moment of taking the pill;
  • “Levitra” – “magic” pill. If you are determined to buy drugs for potency, we focus on this pharmaceutical product, which is popular with men. It is harmless, the main active component is vardenafil. The effect occurs after 15-25 minutes after taking the pill;
  • “Vimaks” – the best among the “naturals”. The drug is completely herbal based. No side effects and contraindications, but only a prolonged erection;
  • Testosterone drugs – increase the level of this harmonic. Reception is prescribed by a doctor with a decrease in the testosterone content in the blood and a decrease in sexual desire (libido);
  • Bad and vitamins – means containing substances of both vegetable and animal origin. They do not have proven efficacy, since they did not undergo clinical studies after graduation.